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Care Connect assists people in the transition from hospital to home. this is my story of designing a better experience for the business and its clients.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of the client.

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The challenge

  • To help the business understand and map the current experience of staff and clients (patients) across the service continuum
  • Identify the current Care Connect client journey to identify the gaps and opportunities
  • Understand and map the ideal hospital discharge and Care Connect intake experiences, exploring the process from a Social Worker, Client and Care Connect experience
  • Provide direction on key strategic initiatives and improve the customer experience.


the approach

Kicked off by running stakeholder workshops to help understand the problem space with the SME’s and to map out the current journey across all touch points, and understand known gaps or pain points, as well as opportunities.

This provided the project team with a holistic view of business operations, touchpoints and staff involved at key stages across the customer journey, as well as clarity on who to engage to further understand the problem space.



To get a better understanding of the problem space, we spent time with all the key people from the business that played an integral role in delivering the service. Activities included;

  • Interviewing patients both at home and in hospital to understand the experience from their perspective across key stages of the service
  • Phone interviews with local and interstate staff
  • Face to face interviews with staff across different business units
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Observation/Shadowing staff carrying out day to day duties


defining the problem & who we are designing for

Following the research, we ran internal workshops using the customer value proposition canvas to help define who we were defining for and articulate the value proposition for key customer types.


solution space

As we transitioned into solution space we got the project team together in a workshop to play back where we were in the project and collaboratively run through various activities articulating and mapping out the future state of the experience. To help with this, we were armed with research insights from the field, scenarios that were developed from the research, customer archetypes and pain points or problem areas with the service.


the output

  • Experience and service design insights and recommendations, as well as a service strategy that would help position the business strongly for upcoming strategic initiatives
  • Clear articulation of who their key personas and challenges they face within the current experience
  • High fidelity Journey Map
  • Report detailing activities and outcomes, presented to executive and project team in Melbourne, Australia.



Valuable stakeholder views and input, gained through multiple interviews and meetings really gave the project findings depth and a holistic view of the customer journey from many different perspectives. Myles elicited all the nuances, challenges and opportunities of the program through creative use of colour, drawing, narratives and customer archetypes.

The final project recommendations have provided the blueprint and leverage needed to make some key changes and improvements to the program.

I can highly recommend Myles and his personable, fun, intelligent approach to program analysis, review, and redesign.
— Marissa Galiazzo, Client Services Manager, Care Connect